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Digital Marketing Services

Applying a holistic approach to Marketing

We have found over the years that smaller businesses struggle to generate businesses for many different reasons.  These range from actual marketing issues, to supply/demand issues, to business model problems and many other factors.

Marketing does not address all structural business model issues but it does improve your chances of success within its boundaries and that is to attract and convert potential buyers.  To this end we recommend most businesses step slowly into the digital marketing landscape.  Start small and grow from there based on measurable metrics which monitor performance.  We approach this through an iterative process.  Each digital marketing sprint is defined upfront with measurable goals.  The overarching principle is to experiment to see what works best and controlling investment to achieve maximum return.

We start with structural reviews of your Website and Search Engine Optimisation to ensure your site is google friendly and reasonably high on page rankings. We then move to address landing page design issues up-front to increase conversions.  Once the fundamentals are right then we move onto social media and content marketing as this more than often renders the best results in a social media obsessed world.  Content creation on social media and blogs is an ongoing cost and can put some customers off however, we find that is where most successful businesses get real value from digital marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising strategies can also be successful for certain businesses but can be hit and miss.  We recommend to try these in short bursts in a controlled manner in order to minimise costs and maximise conversions per dollar spent.

We also provide other more advanced marketing techniques which provide even the most established businesses results.

The following outlines our holistic approach to Digital Marketing.

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