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Sentiment Analysis for Today's Retail

Understand your customers' experience in real time with Marsjam Faces™. Our combination of scalable cloud technology, reporting and mobile applications can make the difference between increased sales and missing out.


Here's Why It's Awesome

Modular Components

Select the components you need from sentiment analysis, customer and security alerts.

Highly Scalable Cloud

Our technology is based on the proven, highly scalable, deep learning technology which is used to analyse billions of images daily.

Alerts and Reports

View sentiment information by region, store and department.  You can even identify issues in real time allowing your staff to react to situations in their stores.

How It Works

Marsjam Faces Workflow

  1. A live picture is taken by an in-store camera or webcam.
  2. The picture taken is sent to the Marsjam Faces™ cloud service.
  3. Marsjam Faces™ analyzes the faces and identifies metrics:
    • Sentiment / Emotions (Happy, confused, sad)
    • Gender
    • Age Range
  4. With our optional additional modules, Marsjam Faces™ can also identify known shoplifters or customers who have had a previous bad experience.
  5. Using our extensive reporting, managers can perform further analysis.
  6. In addition, alerts can be sent to the Marsjam Faces™ mobile application to give real-time information to store management or security personnel.
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